"Diane worked with me during the 2012 harvest, at which time I was thrilled to observe her deep passion for the viticultural side of wine growing. She is clearly very knowledgeable yet has a hunger to learn even more about all things vinous, down to the last grape and vine tendril. Diane has a sophisticated clientele who benefit from her palate for great wine and her quest to translate the language of the land into every glass she touches."

Greg La Follette -

"I have known Diane since her first visit to Walter Hansel Winery, where it was apparent she had a passion to learn everything she could about wine. Today she has followed that passion by successfully completing the first level for Master Sommelier but more importantly by befriending many wine owners and makers from some great, hard to find wineries. She has a great palate and the energy needed to match everyones taste and budget with the best wines"

Stephen Hansel, Walter Hansel Winery

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Piya Charanjiva, CSW* -

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John, Attorney Chicago and New York

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